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Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning are residential and light commercial air conditioner cleaning specialists based on the Sunshine Coast. Our quality guaranteed services can reduce the running costs of your system, while also improving the air quality in your home or office.

how clean is your air?

Does your split system air conditioner smell?

Does your split system air conditioner take a long time to reach your desired temperature?

Has it been over a year since your split system air conditioner was properly cleaned and sanitised?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, contact us below for an obligation free quote


I already clean my filters, why should I get my air conditioner cleaned by you?

Whenever your air conditioner is running, it is drawing in dust, skin cells and other microparticles – including bacteria and mould spores. Whilst cleaning your filters, and wiping the fascia of your air conditioner helps to minimise the dust accumulating on the unit, it doesn’t get right into the coils to remove the accumulated bacteria and microparticles that were unable to be removed by the filters. This can only be achieved by thoroughly cleaning the unit.

How does your service reduce my electricity usage?

By removing the accumulated dust and other microparticles from your air conditioner’s coils and fan, the unit does not have to work as long, or as hard, to maintain a desired temperature. In fact, you will probably find that you are able to run your air conditioner at a higher temperature setting, for a shorter period of time to achieve the same effect. Not only will this reduce your electricity consumption, it will also help to prolong the effective service life of your air conditioner.

How does your service improve the air quality in my home or office?

By removing bacteria and mould spores from inside your air conditioner, they are no longer being circulated throughout your premises every time you use your air conditioner. This results in improved air quality, and lowers the risk of allergies and respiratory conditions being aggravated.

How often should my air conditioner be thoroughly cleaned?

It is recommended that your air conditioner be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised at least annually. This may vary depending on usage and environmental conditions.

how much does it cost to have my air conditioner cleaned?

*Current September 2018
BOX UNITS – $66 per unit, approximately 1 hour required per unit.
SPLIT SYSTEMS – $110 per unit, approximately 1 ½ – 2 hours required per unit.

A travel levy of $50:00 applies for worksites outside a 50km radius of our home base on the Sunshine Coast.
Tolls / Parking Fees – if required – are charged to the customer.
Disposable filters – if required – are an additional cost.
Prices subject to change due to external factors.
Any quoted prices are valid for a period of one (1) calendar month from date of quote.

what is involved in the cleaning process?

The Make, Model and Serial Number of all units cleaned are recorded on your Invoice.
The Temperature (°C) and Windspeed (m/s) before and after cleaning are recorded on your Invoice.
If it is not possible to operate the aircon unit, then it will not be cleaned, and no charge will be incurred for that unit.
Where it is possible to do so without causing damage, all covers/fascia’s/filters are removed to allow unobstructed access to the coils and fans of the units.

  • In the case of Box units, this translates to removing the unit from its casing (if possible).
  • In the case of Split Systems, this includes the condenser (outdoor) unit (if accessible).
  • Where this is not possible, covers/fascias, etc will be cleaned around. Outdoor units that are not accessible without the use of ladders will not be cleaned.

Coils may be vacuumed to remove any visible, built up debris before washing.
All internal electrical componentry is protected by a splash-proof covering during cleaning. A splash-proof covering is also used to protect furnishing and internal air conditioning surrounds from water damage.
Hard surface cleaner specially formulated for use in air conditioning systems is applied to covers, fascia’s and filters and given time to penetrate accumulated build up before being washed.
Coil cleaner specially formulated for use in air conditioning systems is applied to all coils and given time to penetrate accumulated build up before being pressure washed.
All parts are dried and treated with an anti-bacterial deodorant designed to retard the growth of mould and bacteria before re-assembly.
The worksite is cleaned and tidied before departure.

Why do you record the extra details on the Invoice?

The extra details that are recorded on the Invoice serve two purposes:

  • Firstly, by recording the unit identification details, it assists with record keeping for maintenance and possible taxation (check with your Accountant) purposes.
  • Secondly, by recording the before and after performance values of your unit, you are able to see the improvement in efficiency.
How do I know Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning is safe to use?

I have been Police Checked, and am fully insured for your peace of mind.

A few words from our
happy clients:

“What a great business. If you need your air cons cleaned ready for summer, Chris is the man to call. He was on time, efficient, he didn’t rush the job and most importantly great value……even better deal if you get two or more cleaned at once. I had three done and couldn’t be happier with the job. Support the little local business”

– Lysa E

“Before Chris cleaned my air conditioners they were set at 18°C, and running all day to keep the house cool. What I didn’t know was that they were also black with mould. After being thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, they now look like new, are set at 22°C, and only run for a few hours each day. Not only am I now breathing clean air, but I am also saving money. Thank you Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning.”

– beverley g

Our Promise

We know that your time is important and we strive to always arrive as scheduled. If circumstances do arise that may prevent this – we will let you know prior to the agreed time.

We take pride in our work and if a job is beyond our capabilities, we will let you know. What some companies consider a “Premium” service, we consider “Standard”.

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