Normal hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday – Friday (excluding Public Holidays). Other times are available by appointment.


For safety reasons, and to minimise the risk of damage to property or fittings, aircon units and their associated components that are:

  • unable to be isolated from their power supply; or
  • mounted higher than 270cm above floor level – or in the case of external units, mounted so as to require access by ladder, by climbing onto a pitched roof, or by reaching over the edge of a balcony
    will NOT be cleaned.


Payment may be made by cash or EFTPOS at time of service. Alternatively, payment may be made by Direct Deposit within seven (7) calendar days of Invoice Date.
Payment by cheque is NOT available.


Whilst all care is taken during our work, Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning is not liable for any pre-existing damage – whether immediately visible or not. This damage may include, but is not limited to:

  • Faulty or corroded circuit boards or remote controls.
  • Faulty, deteriorated or damaged electrical components, pipework or insulation.
  • Faulty or worn motors or pumps (if fitted).
  • Plastic components that have become brittle or damaged due to age or poor maintenance.
  • Flexible ductwork that is torn or otherwise damaged.

In the event that damage is noticed during the course of our work, it will be brought to the attention of the owner, or their agent, so that they may contact suitably qualified persons to arrange repair.
It is requested that a clear work area be provided where possible. If furnishings are excessively heavy, or fixed in place, in a location that restricts clear access to the work area, then it is requested that any clutter, or items that could be damaged, are removed from these furnishings. When the work area infringes pedestrian access, Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning will highlight the work area by use of witches hats and/or other protective measures, and take all reasonable steps to minimise impact on pedestrian activity.

In order to reduce the risk of damage from condensate leakage, it is recommended that electronic appliances not be located under wall-mounted aircon units. Should these appliances be located in such a position, they are to be disconnected from their power source, and protected with a waterproof cover prior to the commencement of cleaning. Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning will not be held liable for any damage caused by condensate leakage after cleaning has been completed.
Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning will warrant claims regarding workmanship for a period of two (2) calendar weeks from the time of service. Should there be a complaint, the customer agrees to give Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning the opportunity to rectify any issues in the first instance.
Upon completion of work, the owner – or their agent – will be provided with an invoice for payment. In addition to the name and address details, this invoice will specify:

  • the aircon units cleaned (Make, Model, Serial Number and location); and
  • the actual before and after Temperature (°C) and Airflow (m/s) of each aircon unit

A 10% discount is offered to Pensioners, or to customers who have more than one (1) aircon unit cleaned at the same address on the same day. Occasionally special promotions that offer a discount for a specified time may be run. No other discounts are applicable.
In the event that paid parking or tolls are required to access premises where the work is to be conducted, these costs will be passed onto the customer.
In the event that disposable filter elements require replacement, the cost of these will be passed on to the customer. The cost of these items is NOT included as part of a Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning service.
For work conducted outside a 50km radius of our home base on the Sunshine Coast, a $50:00 travel levy will be imposed per worksite address per day.
Any prices quoted for work to be conducted are valid for one (1) calendar month from date of quote, and may change after that due to outside factors.
GST is NOT currently charged on Invoices.


The cleaning and sanitising products that we use have been formulated by their manufacturers to remove, and protect against, mould and odours for up to 12 months. However due to a range of factors beyond our control, Sunny Coast Aircon Cleaning cannot guarantee that odours or mould will not re-appear earlier than this.

NOTE: These Terms and Conditions will be updated from time to time as required. (Aug 2018)